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Complete Screening and Hotline Services

Exclusion Screening, LLC currently offers complete screening and hotline services as well as partnership opportunities to help organizations stay on top of their compliance requirements and give organizations cutting edge technology and easy to use solutions.

Currently we offer the following compliance solutions and services:

  • Exclusion Screening. We currently offer screening services against over 40 separate Exclusion databases including the OIG LEIE, GSA SAM and over 40 State Exclusion Databases.
  • Compliance Hotlines. Many organizations are required to have an anonymous incident reporting system while others are just encouraged to establish one by their corresponding government agency. We offer a Compliance Hotline services that can help any organization no matter what their custom needs are.
  • Debarment and Sanction Screening. With Exclusion Screening’s Sanction Screening services, you can feel safe knowing that if any of your employees, vendors, or providers have been sanctioned, you will be one of the first to know. With automated monitoring and notification, you can trust that you truly do know who is working for you and with you.
  • Vendor Screening. While many organizations are aware that they have to screen their employees and providers, many are not aware that they also need to be screening their vendors and contractors. Just like with excluded providers and individuals, excluded entities may not bill Federal or State Health Care Programs for services ordered or furnished, directly or indirectly, if it is payable in whole or in part, by a Governmental Health Care Program.
  • White Label Services. Partnering with Exclusion Screening, LLC or Reselling our services and products would give your organization the opportunity to offer the most sophisticated Exclusion and Sanction screening software and reporting services on the market today. By offering our products and services or by reselling them you are able to stand out in comparison to the competition by having our proprietary software.

Are you unsure your screening requirements depending on your business and location?  Our FREE Consultation has you covered. It includes: An overview of exclusions in addition to an overview of your exclusion requirements, and a demonstration of our product and service (SAFER) will be performed prior to a presentation of your personalized solutions. This consultation for your benefit only!

Complete Screening and Hotline Services

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