Hotline and Compliance News

How Compliance Hotlines Can Save You Money!

By Paul Weidenfeld, March 4, 2016.  An essential element of all compliance plans is developing and promoting “effective lines of communications.” In support of that element, Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS/OIG) has been urging providers to adopt anonymous compliance hotlines since 1998. CMS, on the other hand, actually requires that Fee-For-Service… more>>

Why Timeliness Matters: From Hotline Tip Identification to Provider Case Closure

ComplianceHotline - Best Practices ComplianceHotline delivers reports to its clients one business day after it receives a call or e-mail from a complainant. What happens after the information is transferred is really up to a provider’s discretion. Best practices include following up with the complainant—if he or she provided contact information—or conducting an internal investigation.… more>>