“Simplifying Compliance….. Once Incident at a Time”

ComplianceHotline provides independent, third-party report line services for health care providers, suppliers, and their vendors around the country.

Our confidential report line system provides a cost-effective report line alternative to the often impersonal, expensive, commercial report line systems now marketing their systems to health care providers and suppliers. Unlike a number of the companies now servicing the industry, ComplianceHotline was designed by former Federal prosecutors with extensive compliance experience. Moreover, the day-to-day operations of ComplianceHotline are managed by a Certified Medical Compliance Officer.

Our service provides several ways for employees, contractors, vendors, patients and their families to report potential violations of an organization’s ethical, regulatory, or legal obligations. These reports are confidential and reporting individuals may choose to identify themselves or remain anonymous. Once a report is made, it is forwarded to the appropriate compliance professional designated by a sponsoring health care provider or supplier organization. Options for making a report include:

  1. Web-based reporting option: An individual can conveniently file a report directly from our simple to use web based reporting application. Individuals filing a web-based report may identify themselves or may make an anonymous report.
  2. Fax-based reporting option: A ComplianceHotline incident report form is included on our website and may be printed for completion at a later time.
  3. Mail-based reporting option: Our incident report form may be sent by a concerned party directly to ComplianceHotline by mail.
  4. E-Mail-based reporting option: Incident details may be sent by a concerned party directly to ComplianceHotline by e-mail.
  5. Toll-free telephone report line option: ComplianceHotline maintains and operates a live, compliance hotline reporting service. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not subcontract this aspect of our hotline services to a commercial answering services operating out of a foreign country. Our hotline calls are answered by trained compliance personnel in Washington, DC.