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Exclusion Basics

A Provider’s Guide to OIG…

A Provider’s Guide to OIG Exclusions: Federal Exclusion Regulations and Enforcement Authorities, and How Providers Can Avoid Risk with Proper Exclusion...

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14 Nov 2023
Exclusion Basics

What is an OIG Exclusion?

OIG Exclusions are powerful enforcement sanctions that bar an individual or entity from any participation in Federal and State health...

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10 Nov 2023
Exclusion Basics

What is the NPDB?

I. What is the NPDB The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) was created as part of the Health Care Quality...

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28 Apr 2021

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Paul Weidenfeld


Paul Weidenfeld focuses his practice on False Claims Act cases, fraud investigations and Qui Tam (commonly referred to
as “whistleblower”) lawsuits.


Robert W. Liles


Mr. Liles focuses his practice on fraud defense, internal
audits / investigations and compliance and
regulatory matters.


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