What is Sanction Screening?

With Exclusion Screening’s Sanction Screening services, you can feel safe knowing that if any of your employees, vendors, and providers have been sanctioned, you will be one of the first to know. With instant notifications and updates, you can trust that you truly do know who is working for you and with you.

Why Conduct Sanction Screening?

By hiring a sanctioned individual, you are placing yourself at risk in a number of different ways.

  1. Know who you are hiring. Without a full sanction check on new employees or vendors, you are running the risk of hiring a fraud.
  2. By hiring a sanctioned individual or entity, you are at risk! Organizations like the OIG will not stand for organizations hiring sanctioned individuals or entities and will fine up to $21,562.80 for each violation.
  3. You place yourself at risk of fraud. By hiring a sanctioned individual or entity, you are allowing someone who has previously been found to have committed some form of fraud to enter your organization and possibly commit the same crimes.

Are you unsure your screening requirements depending on your business and location?  Our FREE Consultation has you covered. It includes: An overview of exclusions in addition to an overview of your exclusion requirements, and a demonstration of our product and service (SAFER) will be performed prior to a presentation of your personalized solutions. This consultation for your benefit only!