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Exclusion Screening, LLC, is a simple and inexpensive solution to the costly and complicated requirements relating to the screening of employees, contractors and vendors for exclusion, suspension and debarment related issues. Here’s a quick story of how it came to be: We have been in health care for a long time – Robert in 1984 as a Hospital Administrator and Paul in 1996 with the passage of HIPAA – and we know first hand that most providers are committed to quality care and compliance with the rules. But what happens if a provider is confronted with rules or regulations that are difficult to understand, costly, and almost impossible to comply with (even without regard to the expense)? This is exactly the question we encountered not very long ago when a client asked us what he had to do to meet his Exclusion Screening obligation and avoid OIG sanctions or penalties. How, we were asked, could he make sure none of his employees, contractors or vendors had not been excluded, suspended or barred from any Federal or State health care programs? Could he possibly meet that obligation without breaking the bank? We really couldn’t come up with a good solution to this conundrum at the time. His legal obligations weren’t exactly clear or unsettled, the lists or databases he had to check had inconsistent formats and were often unsearchable, the technical expertise required to compare his client list to the exclusion lists went well beyond his IT department, and the costs in both dollars and employee hours to perform the searches and verifications were prohibitive. The lack of any reasonable solution weighed on us and we simply couldn’t let it go. Was it possible, we kept asking, that such a fundamental obligation could be so difficult to comply with? Well, as you may have guessed, we never found a solution to the problem, so we went ahead and created one! As so let us welcome you to Exclusion Screening, LLC. Robert and Paul Co-Founders

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Paul Weidenfeld


Paul Weidenfeld focuses his practice on False Claims Act cases, fraud investigations and Qui Tam (commonly referred to as “whistleblower”) lawsuits. Mr. Weidenfeld has a rare combination of litigation experience and subject matter expertise in health law. Prior to founding Exclusion Screening, LLC, he worked over ten years as a Federal Prosecutor, including two years as the “National Health Care Fraud Coordinator” for the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, Department of Justice. Mr. Weidenfeld has also served as a Federal Public Defender and has been a Partner in one of the nation’s most prestigious law firms.



Robert W. Liles


Mr. Liles focuses his practice on fraud defense, internal audits / investigations and compliance and regulatory matters. Mr. Liles has represented a wide variety of health care providers with administrative and civil proceedings and in connection with internal compliance reviews. He currently serves on the Advisory Panel for the Corporate Compliance Center for the South Texas College of Law. Mr. Liles has achieved an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating that may be awarded to an attorney. He has also been rated “10.0” (out of a possible 10.0) by AVVO, a nationwide attorney rating service. Robert is a nationally-recognized speaker and educator on health law regulatory issues. He has taught and lectured at more than 100 regional and national conferences, seminars and webinars to Federal and State prosecutors, investigators, auditors, industry representatives, providers and suppliers on a variety of regulatory issues. Notably, while a Federal prosecutor, Robert was asked by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG) to accompany several of their staff members overseas to train Ukrainian prosecutors and investigators on how to handle allegations of health care fraud and abuse. Several years ago, Mr. Liles was asked by Practice Management Institute, one of the nation’s oldest health care administration educators, to develop the curriculum for a non-hospital program for Certified Medical Compliance Officers. This certification program has been widely lauded by participants and is believed to be the most comprehensive, targeted compliance certification program currently available to small and mid-sized health care provider organizations. The course was recently approved for physician Continuing Medical Education (CEU) credit. Mr. Liles’ health care management education / background and his extensive experience working in the area of health law provide a real-world perspective when advising health care providers and durable medical equipment suppliers on enforcement and regulatory compliance issues. rliles@exclusionscreening.com


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