Exclusion Screening

What Is Exclusion Screening


Exclusion Screening, LLC gives providers an easy and inexpensive solution to the complex problems associated with screening and verifying that none of your employees, contractors, and vendors have been excluded from the LEIE, SAM, or any State exclusion database!  All you have to do is identify (with our assistance) who must be screened and provide some basic information on each, and we take over from there! 

What is  SAFERTM ?

  • SAFERTM is Exclusion Screening, LLC’s database.  SAFERTM (State And Federal Exclusion Registry) includes all Federal and State exclusion databases.
  • SAFERTM updates daily and constantly adds new Federal and State exclusion database information
  •  In addition, Exclusion Screening, LLC uses a search feature for SAFERTM that is more comprehensive than that of the OIG/SAM databases to ensure that we do not miss a potential match

How We Do It


  • Providers are accountable for employees, vendors and contractors
  • If you are unsure who needs to be screened and verified, and what your certification requirements are for your vendors and contractors, Exclusion Screening, LLC’s specialists will work with you to determine who needs to be checked and explain to you how to comply with contractor and vendor requirements
  • Though Exclusion Screening, LLC screens and verifies employees, contractors, and vendors for you, we give you access to SAFERTM through your Provider Portal.  With this access, you can screen new hires (if you have already submitted your monthly report to us) or verify results yourself
  • Once you give your employee, contractor, and vendor list to Exclusion Screening, LLC each month, you are free to get on with your daily business. We will do all of the screening and verification heavy lifting for you


  • First, we run a large SAFERTM search that matches your employee/contractor list with names from the LEIE, SAM, and 38 State databases.
  • This generates a large number of “potential matches” that we filter through. In this step, we eliminate names that are not relevant matches. This screening takes into account:
      • Broad sweep of our search criteria (which considers middle names, maiden names, and nicknames or derivative names)
      • Exclusions often turn up in multiple databases
      • Common names (i.e., Smith, Jones, etc.)


  • Next, the already-screened list of potential matches is refined in a number of different ways to reach the “final” list. We compare the your employees with the “potential matches” based upon a number of criteria, such as:

Date of birth (when available)

Full and complete names of the employee versus the match

Exclusion dates and SAM/license/provider number

  • For any matches we cannot eliminate, we then verify those matches within their respective database
  • Rest assured that we have several compliance checkpoints along the way to ensure that no one overlooked and all databases are checked.  Furthermore, Exclusion Screening, LLC was founded by health care attorneys with a combined over 50 years of experience


  • Exclusion Screening, LLC provides you with a monthly report of screening and verification results
    • The initial report is more comprehensive. It outlines our procedures and explains the matches we found and the steps we took to verify in detail.
    • Subsequent monthly reports show that all Federal and State databases were checked