Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Exclusion Screening is dedicated to ensuring our visitors’ and clients’ privacy. We respect the need for online privacy and protect all Personal Information that is shared with us. As condition to use Exclusion Screening, you consent to the terms of the Privacy Policy. If Exclusion Screening’s Privacy Policy changes, you will be notified via email or Exclusion Screening’s website. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective as soon as the new policy is posted. This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to www.exclusionscreening.com.

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Information Provided by Users

Exclusion Screening may collect anonymous information about users and personally identifiable information if provided by a user in a form or email.

Exclusion Screening is the sole owner of information collected on this website. We will not share, rent, or sell the information we collect to anyone.

Like many websites, Exclusion Screening may use “cookies.” Cookies do not personally identify users and collect information about how a user interacted with Exclusion Screening’s website. They allow us to monitor our site traffic and create personalized experience and a more user-friendly website. The information provided through cookies may include, but is not limited to, the following: Internet Protocol address, referring link, browser type, and pages accessed.

We collect personal information in web forms or email for the purposes described during collection, for example: to send product information to you; update your user account settings; to send you blogs or newsletters; for marketing purposes; or to respond to questions or comments.

Exclusion Screening may also use personally identifiable information to verify results for a client. This information may be shared with, but is not limited to, the following entities: the Office of Inspector General, State Medicaid Offices, or State Offices of the Inspector General. This information will only be used to verify potential matches. We retain the right to disclose this information as we are required to do so by law or if we believe in good faith that disclosing information is necessary to comply with the law; guard against misuse of Exclusion Screening; defend our rights and property; and to protect the safety or property of the public and Exclusion Screening clients.

Financial Information

While we are careful with all the information we collect, we take special care when handling our clients’ financial information. When we collect this information online, we use a secure portal that will encrypt the data before sending it to us. We will not store your financial information, except the name and address of the card holder and the Credit Card’s last four digits. For situations which require future payments, financial information will only be stored with the clients’ consent and will be stored in a secure PCI compliant system.

User Accounts

We keep client documents, files, contracts, historical information, emails, and other relevant information stored on a secure server. We also keep backup copies of this information. We will not disclose this information to anyone, except in situations expressly mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

Social Networks

Users may connect with Exclusion Screening through third party social media outlets such as FaceBook, and LinkedIn. Social media outlets may give users the opportunity to share Exclusion Screening content on the user’s own social media site. Social media sites may require users to supply their username or may make this information public.

External URLs

Occasionally, Exclusion Screening may provide links to other websites that it is not affiliated with. When you click on these links you will be transferred to another organization’s website. Exclusion Screening takes no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the information expressed on these sites and Exclusion Screening does not monitor these websites. Linking to these websites does not mean that Exclusion Screening approves or endorses the linked website’s content. Exclusion Screening has no control over these sites and cannot be responsible for other website’s actions. Exclusion Screening is also not responsible and has no control over third parties who provide links to Exclusion Screening’s website.

Legal Notice

Exclusion Screening maintains the right to modify its terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimers, or legal notice at any time and without notice. Users are responsible for reviewing these terms on a regular basis. Continued use of Exclusion Screening’s website after a policy change amounts to acceptance of these terms and agreement by acquiescence.

Exclusion Screening’s website provides industry information and information about its services. We provide these websites for consumer information only. Clients who purchase Exclusion Screening’s service will enter into a separate contract agreement with Exclusion Screening in regard to the services provided.

All content on Exclusion Screening’s site is protected by copyright laws and any unauthorized use may violate these copyright protections.

All trademarks used on Exclusion Screening’s website are owned by Exclusion Screening and may not be used without a license.

By accessing Exclusion Screening, users agree to comply with all terms, copyright, and trademark protections. Exclusion Screening maintains the right to terminate any user’s access to all or parts of the website for noncompliance.


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